Updated COVID Process

22 April 2022

Entering the building

Anyone entering the building must provide evidence of a negative covid test. If you do not have a recent test (within 48 hours maximum), you will be given a pack of tests and refused entry until you have done this.

Neither students nor staff can attend college if they are unwell at all. Even if it is not covid related, staffing is so critical in all your practices (and here!), than any spread of illness is an issue, so I’d rather not risk it if it can be avoided! This applies to normal lecture sessions, and exams - as I’d rather reschedule these for when they are well, than have everyone stressed and worried! So if you are asking yourself ‘should I come in…’ due to feeling ill - if there are any doubts the answer is NO.

Masks are no longer mandatory but please be aware, some people may choose to keep their masks on, and different employers have different requirements - so students must comply with their practice and employer guidance on this. Please ensure that you treat everyone with respect and honour their feelings and decisions about how to protect themselves.

Moving around the Building

We are using a one way system around the building - with the stairs by the lift being the ‘up’ stairs, and those on the other side being ‘down’.

Classroom protocols

Windows/Doors will be open when possible to ensure good ventilation in the rooms

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